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JotURL – link shortening tool packed with a lot of features

Online marketers and e-commerce businessmen enjoy a lot of benefits from jotURL. This powerful tool for optimization of digital marketing provides solution for monitoring, optimizing and comparing the marketing links. All users of jotURL are equipped with the best tools for marketing budget optimization, campaign implementation, performance enhancement and conversion improvement.

JotURL is not only redirection tool

JotURL ensures the users total control over the entire marketing activity as well as marketing expenses by way of keeping everything under the same roof and providing unified solution to perform the various tasks. While CTAs and various other traditional campaign processes for online marketing are highly expensive, jotURL effectively brings marketing expenses under control. Jot URL has made creation of tracking links that are branded, QR codes and various other tasks easier as well as more comfortable. With the help of jotURL now the users are able to organize their content, campaigns and other activities without putting much effort. Now the marketers are able to optimize their results and enhance the monetization potential of their link since their most powerful marketing sources are identified by jotURL.

URL customization

JotURL enables customization of URL (slug) and thereby makes the CTAs more effective. Ultimately each of the shared link starts to perform well. Marketers find it easier to drive potential customers when they are provided with powerful content. Ultimately there will be a rapid increase in website traffic and conversion of more number of visitors also takes place. The greatest advantage of jotURL is that it makes marketing campaigns less expensive and at the same time enhances the revenue from the campaigns. Marketers are provided with valuable indicators like views, clicks, conversions and revenue and these indicators show the visitors who are to be targeted and also teaches how to drive them in.

Amazing features

JotURL offers a host of amazingly wonderful features such as branded links, conversions, call to action, remarketing, analytics, deep links and monitoring. This digital marketing tool is in fact an all-in-one for the marketing links of the user. The remarketing pixels are GDPR compliant and the CTAs are customizable. It has conversion tracking feature and links are evergreen. By way of enabling the user to find out the channels that generate value, jotURL helps the users to save time and money and also to increase the number of leads. By providing the best user experience jotURL helps the user to boost up his business and monitors and organizes campaigns in order to optimize the results. Being a very powerful marketing tool jotURL increases conversions and boosts up the marketing results on all channels including web, social media, blogs, mobile apps, forums, emails, SMS and the offline channels.

How jotURL can help you?

JotURL attaches effective CTAs that are customizable to every shared link as well as content and thereby facilitates content curation. This will facilitate conversions. JotURL helps the user to identify the best marketing sources and also to track revenues and to target the visitors. Increase in the conversion rate will be the final outcome. This digital marketing tool also enables the user to track the events that provide leads, sales and conversions. With the help of jotURL the user can also create as well as track offline campaigns through visual, dynamic QR codes that can be customized.

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