Canadian Group With Real Estate Development Millionaire Tourism In Cuba

Jibacoa, is located in the province of Villa Clara in Cuba, one of its main activities economic activities is coffee, much of its territorial extension is a rural area, while the urban area in a smaller proportion is in the town of Jibacoa.

The area has a lush landscape of the Island, as well as a beautiful coastal area, where there is no strong tourist exploitation, although there are currently two important hotels and other facilities; For which it is necessary of greater presence of tourist infrastructures and quality in the services of accesses and other services.

In this privileged zone of Cuba, it is projected to realize a real estate development, on the part of Canada.

Wilton Properties is the Group

The project is led by the company Wilton Properties, and the estimated investment is about $ 1.4 billion, which aims to build a number of buildings and also a luxury hotel; Both projects will be surrounded by beaches and will also have an equestrian center, tennis courts and golf courses.

The same promoter, likewise has an authorization for the construction of a luxury hotel in Havana, which is projected to have about 25 floors; Its development and construction will allow, to integrate in its structure ecological concepts, such as walls covered with vegetation and lighting integrated by LED systems.

Sources: todocuba

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Washington Opens Study Program for Cuban Youth

Washington will have open until next March 1 of this year 2,016, the availability of enrollment to be able to access the so-called “Program For Cuban Youth.”

The organization in charge of carrying out the program is the “Word Learning”, which is a non-governmental organization, whose headquarters is in the city of Washington, United States.

The above mentioned program will be carried out in the months of July and August of the present year 2,016, with a duration of training of four (4) weeks. This is a summer program for young Cubans, whose ages range from 16 to 18 years old.

Young people who aspire to enter the program must be pursuing secondary or pre-university studies; The applications sent will be previously selected, depending on certain requirements that applicants must meet.

The requirements that will be assessed as basic to income are: academic performance index, group work skills and initiative to develop projects that provide some kind of benefit to the communities where they live or to their schools; Clear demonstration of energy and positive attitude; Communicative and interpersonal skills; Among other places of todo Cuba.

The “Word Learning” program will follow the following training structure: orientation, and 10-day participation in the US base city, 14 days to visit a host city in the United States selected by the program, which includes, Schools, meetings with community organizations, and participation in volunteer activities; The remaining days of the program.

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US senators visit Cuba for the first time

Three senators visited Cuba and said Saturday they expect Congress to support the opening of President Barack Obama towards Cuba, including lifting the ban on US citizens traveling to the island.

Democratic Senators Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Ben Cardin of Maryland joined the Republican Dean Heller of Nevada, on a trip to Cuba, where they met with the First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and ordinary Cubans and currents.

A number of initiatives Cuba are pending in the Senate, including a bill to remove the ban on Americans to travel to Cuba and the increased focus the bill to end the decades of US economic embargo. Which also increases enviar por vía aérea a Cuba which is booming market.

Obama, a Democrat, has called on Congress to act but the only obstacle is the opposition of Republican leaders in control of the Senate and House of Representatives. Earlier this month, the House rejected a measure that would have relaxed travel restrictions. But senators said there were better prospects for progress on legislation to Cuba.

“We believe that can be achieved this year and we can make further progress next year,” Cardin told a news conference. “We are optimistic this path that President Obama and President (Raul) Castro started will continue.”

Heller, one of the few Republican senators to side with Obama in Cuba, encouraged members of Congress to visit Cuba and engage with Cubans. “I think the Senate can move the house, but the Senate will have to act first,” Heller said after the press conference.

Today, some Americans can travel to Cuba with official permission, but tourism in general is prohibited. An announcement of the reopening of embassies in both capitals is expected soon.

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Why I recommend Dr. Enrique M. Ochoa, DDS

Here’s a video about why I recommend Dr. Enrique M. Ochoa, DDS as a local dentist in Cape Coral

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Here are some tips for airport transportation services

Find out the protection options

You should take into account the protection factors before you rent a company. for example, you want to check if the corporate is insured. you must conjointly check if the vehicles square measure well maintained. future step is to seek out out info concerning the chauffeurs. A trustworthy company recruits chauffeurs United Nations agency square measure certified and practiced. Hiring a trained chauffer isn’t comfortable. it’s necessary that the person ought to be courteous and humble. He should take steps to avoid associate degree accident and assist you to expertise a cushty journey on the road.

Check the background of the corporate

Checking the name of the company is necessary. you want to check the background, services and other vital information before you hire the company. you must do slightly of research and verify if there’s any negative comment or review of the corporate. the simplest option is to ask a customer who has already used the service of the corporate. If you find a negative comment, it is better that you ought to suppose of associate degree different possibility.

Check the discounts offered by the airport shuttle company

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Best limousine business in southwest Florida

If you are ever in the cape coral, fort myers area in Florida and you are looking for luxury transportation I strongly recommend calling these guys at southwest florida limo rental because of all the companies I called I found them to be the best in service without a doubt. I’m leaving their information below.

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Here are some tips I learned from traveling to Cuba

Before traveling to Cuba you must know some of the regulations of the Customs, such as the entry of explosives, firearms, pornographic magazines, entry VCRs imported by travelers arriving in the country from the United States is prohibited America, that country directly or through third parties; you can take, tax free, two bottles of liquor, one carton of cigarettes and your personal effects as well as their own jewelry, camera or video, typewriter, sporting goods, fishing equipment.

You can import free of payment of customs duties, up to 10 kgs. medicines, provided they are in their original packaging.

noticias de cuba

Clothing should be light, especially in the summer, it takes cotton fabrics, shirts, shorts, shoes and sandals preferably; for the winter a light jacket or sweater fine wool can be enough, mainly at night, and closed but comfortable shoes. You must take some sunglasses. Do not forget the swimsuits for a refreshing dip, and a sunscreen.

Electricity in most residential, commercial places, offices and hotels is 110 V / 60 Hz, although some facilities already have 220 V / 60 Hz. The outlets are flat pins.

 Do not use city buses, among them the “camel” -, they always go full and its frequency is unstable; I suggest you take taxis, tour buses or walking if the distances are short. If you want to tour the island is best to rent a car, there are several car rental companies with good and services, with offices in major airports, hotels and points of influx of tourists. I recommend you check out articulos de cuba to learn more before your trip.

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Best Places To Promote A DJ Music Business

Finding a way to promote your music or disc jockey business is simple if you know where to promote it. Physically established in Orlando, Florida, United States. It’s an Internet company dedicated to the electronic music industry. has the largest and most comprehensive source of biographies of DJs worldwide. It gives visitors detailed information on the latest electronic music, an official classification of the biography of dj worldwide, photographs, sound samples, the next ten best events to be realized, CD sales, and links to DJ official sites.

Each month users can access your account and keep voting the number 1 to number 10, every vote counts 10 points, Tiesto takes to lead the list for 2 years, except to start over 2010 started second ahead by Armin Van Buuren but I just tracing in votes and already establishing clear difference on Armin. My friend owns a wedding dj fort myers business and has used many of these sites for paid promotions. is a social network, an Internet radio plus a music recommendation system that builds profiles and statistics on musical tastes, based on data submitted by registered users. If you are a fort myers dj then keep in mind some of these services are paid, but there are still countries where it remains free. On the radio you can select songs based on personal preferences (according to an algorithm and statistics) or users. The service is open source. It merged with its sister project Audioscrobbler in August 2005. The May 30, 2007 the team announced that was acquired by CBS.

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The #1 reason why small businesses fail

The other I was talking on the phone with a guy who own a company called Palm Beach Marble and he was telling me how he wasn’t getting any calls or leads as much as he used to 2 years back.

When I checked his website not only was his website outdated but it was a complete mess, when I asked him what was the reason why he waited so long to actually work on it and fix it he said “I didn’t think it was that important” so now that his website is struggling to get business is when he is paying attention and wants to fix it.

I took the job and decided that the first thing I would do is update his website to a modern and clean responsive design, this automatically will help him have a better spot on the search engines because search engines like Google are now favoring sites that are responsive over those that are still from the 1990’s. Basically I had to redesign and optimize the whole thing and I believe it came out pretty good from the mess that it was before. I basically placed his call to actions through the site in a way that is almost impossible to miss making sure we get the most out of every visitor.

Here’s the finished project:

kitchen countertops palm beach

Now I have a lot of experience talking to business owners from many different industries and I came to the conclusion that the #1 reason why many small businesses fail is because of “ignorance” many are unwilling to accept the latest trends like SEO and the mobile marketing industry and are still stuck in old techniques that no longer work. For that reason many go out of business and end up closing shop broke. If you want to stay ahead you must be open minded and always evolving and on top of what’s working now to help your business succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

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Get paid what you are worth..always

I recently had a client who own limo rental cape coral and wanted me to do some simple design tweaks to his website, it started with a simple change of colors and restructuring of his content in order to help him close more leads. However, over the course of 45 days he started asking for more a more things that was not in the original agreement. By the time I was done working and doing all the changes he wanted I noticed that I had done way more for less money.

The lesson here is to always get paid what you are worth and not be afraid to ask for more money, if you are 100% sure that you can provide real value and you have a solid service that they need you need to ask what you are worth.

I took some advice from a friend from diseno web miami a small marketing agency in miami and he said that the trick to always get paid what you are asking for is to have everything in writing before you start doing any work. This will give you a clear picture for you and the business owner or client on exactly what you’ll be doing, anything outside of that is extra and should be paid separately upfront.

From now on I learned that getting paid what is your worth is a matter of being clear with your client and hopefully you can learn from my experience.

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