Airbnb - short-term accommodation platform

Airbnb – a low-cost short-term accommodation in 191 countries

Airbnb is an online market place based in California, US. People can utilize the service of Airbnb for renting out their properties and spare rooms to the guests. Airbnb is to be paid 3% commission for every booking from the hosts and 6 – 12% commission for the bookings from guests. The accommodation arranged by Airbnb is safe for couples. Airbnb ensures guest’s safety and guest satisfaction.

What is the idea of Airbnb?

Airbnb connects the people who want to rent out their homes or rooms to those who are in need of accommodation in the particular locality. Airbnb service is available in more than 81000 cities and 191 countries the world over. The property owners who become Airbnb members can get regular income from their property. This arrangement between the property owners and Airbnb provides comparatively less expensive accommodation for the guests. The accommodation provided by Airbnb is a boon for travelers since they are able to get rooms for less than the price charged by hotels for the rooms.

Variety of accommodation types

The Airbnb hosts who are the property owners will be offering different types of accommodations like single rooms, apartments, suites, entire houses, house-boats and moored yachts. The properties will be listed on the Airbnb website. Airbnb will not charge the hosts for listing the properties on the Airbnb website. In the listings the hosts include captioned photographs, written descriptions and host profiles. The hosts will be deciding the charges per night, per week and per month. Those who are in search of accommodation can search the database of Airbnb either by date and location or by price, property type, amenities and language of the host.

Other services provided by Airbnb

In recent years Airbnb started to include experiences, sight-seeing and restaurants also in their listings. The guests who are searching for accommodation can search for experiences, sight-seeing trips and restaurants also. All these are also offered by the Airbnb hosts. The guests can go through reviews written by the Airbnb hosts. Airbnb is today one of the leading market places for global travel communities and for those who are in need of unique accommodation and experiences Airbnb is a service platform. Those who travel can lease or rent short-term accommodations that include cottages, apartments, holiday homes, hostel beds, villas, hotel rooms and tree-houses. Airbnb is committed to provide the best experiences not only for guests but for the hosts also.

Always check reviews before booking on Airbnb

Airbnb welcomes online reviews from guests as well as hosts after a completed trip. Airbnb is the favorite marketplace of many people because guests are provided with good value accommodation for a price which is much less than the normal rates charged by the hotels. It is very easy to book the accommodation offered by Airbnb. After creating a verified profile and linking the same to social media, one can book the accommodation instantly just by sending a message. For later booking a request can be sent.

Meet the host or an employee

After booking the accommodation the guest and host will communicate mutually and decide where and when to meet based on the arrival time as well as location of the property. A few Airbnb accommodations are professional services. In such cases the guest can meet one of their employees.

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