Top things to do as a host before signing up with Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the top accommodation rental platforms existing at the moment, and helps thousands of people list their property on its website to help guests choose an accommodation that suits their needs and budget. Before signing up and publishing a listing about your property on the platform, it is important to do a few things as a host.

Set your expectations & goals

Airbnb offers a significant stream of extra revenue. However, there is much more involved than simple money. The company has a culture that is recognizable among travelers and hosts. A number of hosts concentrate on offering an experience of personal hospitality to visitors who like to experience how life in the locality of their visit is like.

There are more professional outfits offered by the platform that act as unique solutions for marketing vacation rentals over the short term. These frequently help manage more than one property and emphasizes on higher rates of occupancy. These offer self-catering accommodation that is comfortable and comes at a low cost. Irrespective of your objectives as a host, it is essential to define the things that you wish to achieve – Risk, Time and Capital – can widely vary. Read more here

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Consider the commitment to punctuality

It might seem like anyone can be a host, but that is far from the truth. You need to commit more time to host on the platform, and things could cost more than imaginable. Dealing with bookings, emergencies, turnovers, answering visitors’ queries, greeting and meeting them – there are much that you need to handle as a host. It is essential for you to consider whether you have the flexibility of schedule and time in order to succeed.

Understand the liabilities & risks

Other than worrying about allowing random strangers into your home, you have to make provisions for a few risks. This is because it is true that offering your home to other people, or complete strangers, can be risky. The biggest problem for hosts is the risk that guests can wreck, steal from or damage their properties. In case you want to host remotely, there is the risk of renting your accommodation to a squatter. In case any of your guests suffer an injury, there is the risk that you can encounter a liability claim. However, it is important to know that Airbnb offers a sum of 1,000,000 USD to pay for damages and keeps hosts protected from various issues, with some limitations and restrictions.

Check the host guarantee

The Host Guarantee is a fund designated by Airbnb for dealing with all the claims. However, it is worth that you go through these things in further detail as it is not an alternative for insurance. It was initially difficult to get insurance plans that covered short-term insurance. However, you can now find many insurance providers like GuardHog that offer comprehensive packages to ensure that hosts can get complete peace of mind.

Consider the change of lifestyle

It is important to understand that hosting on Airbnb is not restricted only to listing your property on the web. You have to change your lifestyle to be able to take out enough time from your daily schedule and focus on meeting and greeting your guests, responding to their online messages, managing and cleaning your property for them, attending to their needs and more. You may view guest profiles similar to how your personal profile can be viewed by guests. Guests, often, might not have enough information on their profile. However, you need to open up a communication line to check which types of visitors are going to stay in your property. You need to make a careful consideration of whether you can handle such a change in lifestyle and deal with all these commitments.

Know about the local regulations

In case you are thinking of sub-letting the accommodation that you have rented on Airbnb, it is important that you first approach your landlord. Your lease might not permit short-term rentals, which can jeopardize your own tenancy. It is important that you talk clearly to your landlord about them. In case he or she is willing to let you host, make sure that you get a written agreement from him expressing his consent.

In case you are fortunate to be the owner of your property, the hosting decision can be expected to be yours. However, it is important that you check back through your mortgage paperwork, given that there are clauses in a few mortgage providers that particularly make short-term rentals illegal. As per the aforementioned tenancy agreements, your mortgage agreement may become invalid if you host your property on Airbnb.

The stance of your local authority on short-term rentals is another thing that you should check. Across the world, various cities have shown response to the concept of home-sharing in various ways. For instance, in cities in UK such as London, visitors can stay for up to 90 nights. Although it is completely legal to work for 90 nights, your listing’s profitability might be impacted by such limits. Here you can read an article about it

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Set the pricing

New hosts often ignore the pricing factor. There is the risk for you to leave profits on your table in case you just set your weekend and weekday costs and forget about pricing. You cannot make use of a fixed pricing strategy that is applicable in every case. A few hosts prepare a local events calendar and set their calendar manually. Others adjust their pricing automatically with the help of automated tools.

It is important that you set a pricing that is realistic and to the point. Guests always try to get affordable accommodations that can fit their needs and budget, and the coupon codes offered by Airbnb as discounts further help them to reduce their staying costs. If there are more homes in your area that have been listed on the same rental platform, going more affordable can be more helpful for you. You can be more or less assured of drawing more customers to your accommodation and earning more revenues in the long run.

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