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VPN for privacy as well as protection – which one to choose?

VPN ensures protection from spying when we use internet. VPN can be used in the home as well as office and those who access internet through laptop, Tablet or Smartphone when they travel can get VPN protection. Those who use internet through Wi-Fi hotspots that are installed at public places can also use VPN. In case any service is blocked from the location where the user is present, VPN will remove the block. Those who want to create the impression that they are located in a different country can get it done by VPN.

Lots of VPN services available at various price range

There are various VPN services and most of these services ask for subscription. The popularity of VPN is growing rapidly mainly because it ensures online security as well as privacy and also because it enables the subscribers to watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other streaming programs from a different country. Barring very few countries, using VPN is legal all over the world. Another great advantage of VPN is internet freedom since VPN can unblock the internet. Those who use VPN service can send as well as collect data through internet without compromising on their privacy, security and confidentiality. VPN enables the users to access the required content from any part of the world in spite of restrictions.

Other advantages of VPN technology

As a result of accessing internet through VPN the data is secured and encrypted so that it is protected from hackers. Organizations that use VPN are able to increase productivity since VPN enables the users to access the data remotely either from home or from any other places. VPN facilitates sharing of data for extended period within a group. Another advantage of VPN is 100% online anonymity. With the help of VPN one can access websites as well as web applications with complete anonymity. VPN is a boon for those who are in the countries where the internet is censored. This is because VPN can access websites that are blocked and also VPN can make the internet filters ineffective. Maintaining a VPN network is not expensive and the service provider will take care of the setup and surveillance. Those who need an IP address from another country can get it through VPN. Efficiency of the network and also its bandwidth will increase when the same is connected through VPN.

How to choose a VPN service?

Before choosing a VPN service provider it is very important to go through their review pages and get genuine feedback from actual users. Prior to subscribing to a VPN service one should check their Privacy Policy. All aspects of the service agreement must be transparent and there should be no connection logs. VPN service provider must ensure efficient customer support and the customer service cell should be accessible via email, live chat and support ticket systems. There should be sufficient number of simultaneous connections and the apps provided by the VPN service provider must be compatible with different OSs. The VPN service should provide sufficient number of servers around the world and the VPN should improve the internet connectivity also. The VPN service provider must be willing to provide a Free Trial.


NordVPN is one among the most popular VPN services and ensures secured and anonymous browsing. This VPN service is ideal for streaming, torrenting and P2P. This VPN is ideal for accessing data which is blocked. Nord VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption with double data protection and Open VPN Protocol. NordVPN has a large network comprising more than 5000 servers. Apart from IP hiding and access to Netflix, NordVPN provides up to six simultaneous connections. NordVPN applications are compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux, Android TV, Chrome and Firefox. Also offers protocol connectivity for more than 40 mobile OSs, Raspberry Pi’s and routers.

Ivacy VPN

This Singapore based VPN service assures 100% protection to internet connections. This VPN service is compatible with all devices including Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TV, routers and XBOX. Ivacy VPN has more than 450 servers across more than 100 locations. They provide five simultaneous connections and also a kill switch for internet connections. Ivacy offers 24-month package which is well affordable.

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  1. I was told to use something else for protection and now you’re telling me that I was doing it wrong? 😉 OK, jokes aside. I tried Ivacy VPN. It is not bad, but in my opinion NordVPN is way better.

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