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Udemy – the online learning platform that offers 80000+ courses

Udemy is an internationally famous online learning platform that offers more than 80000 courses on various subjects. The courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced faculty. The courses in Udemy can be on anything such as drawing, writing, literature, yoga, personnel development, skills development, Python, Java and other programming languages and more. More than 24 million students have enrolled with Udemy either for skill development or for career advancement or for exploring new hobbies.

Variety of categories on Udemy

Apart from the courses on usual topics like marketing, coding, data science, Photoshop, etc, Udemy is now offering new courses on the latest topics such as AI, blockchain and more. The courses conducted by Udemy are periodically refreshed. The paid courses of Udemy are affordable and in addition there are free courses also. Those who have enrolled in a course are provided with lifelong access to the course content. More than 35000 expert instructors are teaching the lessons in more than 50 different languages. Those who want to learn offline can download the course and those who want to learn while on travel can listen to the audio. The students can ask questions to instructors as well as other students and one can personalize his learning experience.

Very understandable and thorough online courses

Udemy is an amazing app for learning and the videos are very clear and easy to understand. Udemy has a unique style of teaching and explaining the lessons. The doubts asked by the students are promptly clarified. Udemy offers a lot of excellent courses. The three courses offered by Udemy – Modern Python Bootcamp, SQL Bootcamp and Python for Data Science and Machine Learning are really amazing for beginners. The lessons are perfectly designed and are highly detailed. In fact these courses are more worth than their prices. The course content is of superior quality and the video runs for 20 hours. The credit for the excellent content goes to the instructors who are true professionals and dedicated teachers.

Is Udemy worth the investment?

Those who want to learn new skills may get enrolled for the low-cost courses offered by Udemy. For learning new things from Udemy one need to make a small investment only. However, Udemy never markets courses that are created by universities and various other educational institutions. Anybody can create and sell a course through Udemy. Many people ask two questions – Is Udemy worth to learn new skills and Is Udemy worth to create and sell courses of your own. As a matter of fact Udemy is 100% legit and this platform is used by millions of learners to learn new skills. Forbes and Mashable appreciate Udemy.

Quality of courses is reflected by ratings

Doubts regarding the quality of the courses are raised by many people mainly because of the fact that anyone can create and sell courses in Udemy. When that is the case it is quite certain that quality of the courses will vary. For those who want to take up courses from Udemy it is advisable to read the course reviews in detail and also go through the round-ups of the best courses offered by Udemy. It is true that some of the courses offered by Udemy are of poor quality and those who have enrolled for such poor quality courses will talk only negative things about Udemy. The fact remains that many courses that are offered by Udemy are created by true experts from the respective fields.

Skillshare as Udemy popular alternative

Skillshare is an online learning community comprising of students and teachers. Skillshare offers courses on real-world skills. Students learn the courses by attending project-based classes. High quality videography is used for teaching the courses offered by Skillshare. This learning platform offers 30-days free trial so that the aspirants can get a feel of the classes. The courses offered by Skillshare are not accredited by any institution and Skillshare will not issue any certificates also. Skillshare offers paid classes as well as free classes. Those who want to attend the paid classes are required to take Premium Membership. The instructors receive $10 as commission for each premium subscription referral sent by the instructor. In addition to that the instructors are paid a portion of the monthly profit earned by Skillshare.

2 thoughts on “Udemy – the online learning platform that offers 80000+ courses

  1. As far as I know it’s far more than 80k courses available on Udemy. Right now it is over 100k. But being honest those numbers are not that important. I always choose quality over quantity and this is where Udemy shows it’s strongest points. Of course there is a lot of crappy courses, like everywhere. But if you are careful and take your time during selection you will be pleased.

  2. there are over a 100.000 online courses available on Udemy learning platform but I’m warning everyone who thinks that all of them are worth your time… let’s be real, there is no chance to go through even 1 percent of those courses, so when you decide to buy any, take your time and choose proper ones, it’s doable

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