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How does your website rank in search engines? Use these tools to check!

The rank that a website holds among the competitors, in a search engine for a particular keyword is taken as the keyword position. All those who have SEO websites strive to achieve the first, second or the third top position in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Each business firm must have an effective strategy for their SEO so as to achieve the desired results. In a competitive market, the marketer should know about the positions held by his competitors also in the search engine. This is a time consuming task and those who move in the right direction will be gradually improving their position. The first and foremost step in this regard is to track the keyword ranking.

Don’t check search engine rankings manually

Keyword rank tracking tools are widely used for checking the keyword position. These rank tracking tools find out the position held by the website or the URL in the Google search engine for a specific keyword when the competitors’ websites are also using the same keyword. For bloggers as well as SEO professionals it is very important to check the Google ranking for the target keyword. It is highly improper to post articles without targeting a keyword. The keyword research tools enable the users to identify the suitable and the most powerful keyword within a few minutes. Once the blogger or the SEO professional has posted the article that contain the target keywords, they have to keep on tracking the search engine ranking using the keyword rank tracking tool and also they need to build back-links regularly using the suitable anchor text.

Importance of keyword rank tracking tools

Proper keyword management is very important for improvement of SEO. The web master must correctly identify the strong as well as the weak keyword for the particular domain. They should know the keywords that are used in maximum number of searches and must ensure to use those keywords for their websites. By way of using such selected keywords they can ensure that their website appears on one of the first few pages of search results. The strongest keywords enable the website to get higher ranking in Google as well as other major search engines. In order to identify the most powerful keyword, bloggers and SEO professionals need a tool that will indicate the exact position of the keyword in Google’s search results. These tools enable the users to save a lot of time since they need not go through manually hundreds of pages and search results to determine the ranking of a specific keyword.

Popular keyword rank tracking tools

The best quality keyword rank tracking tool is very essential for SEO professionals to perform their task. SE Ranking is identified as one among the best keyword rank tracking tools with a lot of features in addition to keyword rank tracking. Those who use SE Ranking regularly to monitor the keyword ranking can get the updated ranking with accuracy. Those who have not used this tool so far can sign up for a free trial also. The Reports feature of this keyword rank tracking tool provides detailed reports for the marketing team as well as the customers. There are other features that help the users to perform different SEO tasks. During keyword rank tracking the user can either focus on particular keywords or can access all the keywords.

RankActive is considered as an all-in-one SEO tool using which the businessmen are able to track their position online and also check the intensity of competition. This tool helps to improve the visibility of the website in the SERPs. Using this tool one can monitor the competitor’s activity online. This tool has the site auditor feature that will search and find out on-page errors if any and will correct the errors immediately so as to improve the ranking.

SEMSTORM is used as a tool for keyword rank tracking though it is primarily a content marketing tool used in SEO. This tool enables the user to get more keywords suggested by Google. SEMSTORM ensures to lift the SEO and content marketing campaigns of the user to higher levels. SEMSTORM improves the quality of writing easily and comfortably. The SEMSTORM editor uses the proper keyword, corrects grammar as well as spelling errors and also find out difficult paragraphs. The user can choose from a long list of different languages and SEMSTORM editor knows which language is used by the user.

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  1. I own SEMSTORM and I really like it but IMHO it’s not a convenient tool for search engine rank tracking. It has many advantages mostly related to SEM analytics and research. For rank tracking in various languages I use SE Ranking, which is exactly what I need. I tried many SERP rank tracking tools and I chose SE Ranking. I could not find anything better.

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