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Twitter marketing management with tools like Midrub

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. The microblogging site has 336 million users worldwide. It is a fast-growing social media platform and is being increasingly used by businesses for promotion and advertising in their digital marketing campaigns. The Twitter users are increasing again after a temporary slump in their numbers. Twitter is a highly popular choice of the digital marketers in marketing their products and services. It can help the businesses create awareness about their brands and engage with the prospective customers in a much better manner. It has the ability to create brand loyalty and influence prospective customers into positive call for action.

Excellent compatibility with Twitter

The social media dashboard allows the businesses to plan their posts in advance and publish them based on decided schedules. In addition to this, Midrub also provides Twitter-centric bots which help to automate the process of engaging the prospective customers on social media. The Twilos bot of Midrub is a Twitter-based bot that allows the users to search users on Twitter and save results. The users can then decide to follow or unfollow the users either automatically or manually. The users can access real-time statistics from Twilos on its workings. Using the bot, the users can decide which Twitter account will follow the users obtained from the saved search results. The article explores some of the important benefits of digital marketing on Twitter using Midrub, which are as follows.

Planning posts in advance

Midrub allows the businesses to plan the posts to be published on Twitter well in advance. The posts will be published on Twitter based on pre-decided dates, day, time etc. This helps the businesses to prepare more focused digital marketing content for Twitter to engage the prospective customers more meaningfully. This automation of the post publishing saves lot of time and resources for the businesses. They can allocate the resources to more strategic and important aspects of business. The automation of post publishing on Twitter also eliminates the scope of missing out publishing important posts, which can happen due to human error if the posts are scheduled to be published manually.

Drives organic traffic

Twitter is a highly effective social media platform for driving organic traffic to the company website. When the company shares high-quality and relevant posts on Twitter, it is read by the users. They take notice of the posts and engage in it better. They will be retweet the content to their followers and this will lead to organic sharing of the content. The more the content promoting the business is tweeted, the higher the chances of Twitter users clicking on the content and visiting the company website.

Brand awareness on global scale

Twitter provides a very effective platform for creating awareness on the business and brands. With about 336 million global users, it is one of the best social media platforms for achieving this result of brand awareness. 75% of Twitter users feel more positive about a small to medium-sized business after following them and going through their tweets. 79% of the users have retweeted the content pertaining to the promotion of small to medium-sized businesses. These figures make it clear that Twitter provides ample scope for wider dissemination and information sharing on the business and contributes significantly in creating brand awareness.

Supports SEO campaigns

Twitter has been known to boost the SEO campaigns and provide better results. Using the micro-blogging site, the businesses can share useful and relevant content to the users on a global scale. When they find the content engaging and relevant to them, the users share it with their followers and this leads to a wide range dissemination and sharing of the content. More users are likely to visit the company website after going through the engaging content and this boosts the organic traffic to the website. Tweeting frequently also improves the online footprint of the businesses and using the appropriate keywords in tweets, helps to improve the search engine rankings and visibility of the businesses.

Better conversion rates

Twitter can be strategically used to improve the conversion rates of the prospective customers and boost the overall sales. It is interesting to note that 69% of the Twitter users purchased from small and medium businesses after they saw their promotion on the social media platform. It is also interesting to observe that 94% of the users plan to purchase the products and services of the brand that they follow on Twitter. The users also look for deals on Twitter. It is estimated that 84% of the Twitter users, search for deals and offers and read product reviews. For every 1$ spent on Twitter, the retailers garner sales revenue of about $6.17. These data clearly establish the importance of targeting the microblogging site for promotions and driving sales in the digital platform.

Reaching a global audience

Twitter is a global social media platform. It is estimated that 79% of the total users are located outside the United States. This global profile of Twitter users make it ideal for promoting the businesses and their products and services globally. Moreover, 81% of the millennials log in to check their Twitter account daily. These features of Twitter make it an ideal marketing platform and it enables the businesses to connect with a varied and global user base which can drive the sales and profits organically.


Businesses are taking note of the micro-blogging site Twitter and are using it for effectively connecting with the target audience. Using Midrub for automation of publishing posts on Twitter helps the businesses to develop connections with the target users effectively. The posts can be published on pre-decided schedules and this helps businesses to prepare better and relevant promotional content and also saves them lot of time and resources. Midrub allows the businesses to follow or unfollow users and respond the users on promotional content either manually or automatically. Midrub leads to effective social media management while using Twitter and engaging the users in a more meaningful and better fashion. Twitter, if used effectively, can contribute and significantly enhance the sales and profitability of the businesses.

Please keep in mind that Midrub is just one of social media management tools and there are others like Stackposts. Those are server based application. For newbies it is recommended to start with SaaS (Software as a Service) like PromoRepublic, Agorapulse or Sendible.

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