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Email Marketing – time tested method for business promotion

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective method to promote the business and increase the sales by getting connected with the target audience online. Email marketing enables the seller not only to sell his products but also to share information, answer customer queries, provide customer support and to communicate in detail. Those who use Email for their correspondences can easily find relevant templates for different types of messages like sales notifications, welcoming new customers, greeting the customers and more.

How easy email marketing can be?

Email marketing is made more interesting as well as effective by Mailchimp’s email builder. This email builder is very simple and easy to use and it makes the emails reflective of the corresponding website. Email marketing is very popular and is widely accepted mainly because it provides the most cost-effective way to sell the products. Email marketing provides cost-effective solutions to build up the brand and also to increase the volume of sales. Marketers who are doing email marketing are assured of maximum ROI. It has been proved that when a marketer spends $1 for email marketing, he gets $38 in return. Through email marketing the marketers get the broadest reach of all available channels. Email marketing is considered the most effective method for business growth.

Does email marketing still dominate digital marketing?

Email marketing enables the marketers to establish connection with their audiences in a purely personalized way and also in the most economic way. When marketers establish personalized connections with their customers it is easier for them to increase the sales and receive substantial ROI. In the modern marketing scenario email marketing retains its place as the most powerful marketing strategy and no other marketing method has the longevity of email marketing. It is an accepted fact that email has the largest reach and in this aspect it has surpassed even the most popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Even for signing up with Facebook or Twitter one should have email address. Facebook and Twitter send notifications to the users by email only. It is impossible to do business online without an email address.

Your business won’t survive without e-mail address

While the users of social media networks complain about data breaches and also about lack of privacy, in email marketing there is no place for such grievances. Marketers and online businesses will agree that when compared to email no other channel provides a wider reach. Email takes the message directly to the targeted audience with speed, perfection and confidentiality and not less than 95% of emails are promptly delivered to the inbox of the respective recipient. In email marketing, the message conveyed by the marketer is 45 times more likely to be read by the recipient when compared to messages conveyed over Facebook. Email marketing has been proved as very effective in driving conversions.


AWeber is one among the leading email marketing solutions and based on the number of subscribers AWeber offers different packages. However, all the plans provide all features. The users need not go for more expensive plans to avail some of the features. The outstanding features of AWeber include importing/hosting an email database, autoresponders, email designs that are responsive, marketing automation, RSS, reporting and support over phone, email and live chat. AWeber enables the users to upload XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV and TXT files. One can also add individual subscribers manually. AWeber also allow to copy and paste rows of subscribers.


GetResponse offers a cost-effective option to manage communication with an email database. The price is very competitive. In fact GetResponse is a versatile product that provides email marketing, automation, e-commerce, landing pages, sales funnels, webinars and CRM functionality. The product provides the best value for the money paid. The options for automation of marketing are quite amazing and when compared to the competitors’ products GetResponse is cheaper. Those who pay upfront for one year or two years can get very attractive discounts. For all plans, 24 x 7 free support is assured.


FreshMail has made email campaigns easier and more powerful. The FreshMail designer is an excellent, intuitive tool for the users to create newsletters. The Designer offers ready-to-use email templates that are very beautiful also. The user can either select templates or create his own form. Automation with Google Analytics is another advantage of FreshMail. FreshMail provides the best customer service. They provide 24 x 7 support and stay in touch with the customer till the problem is solved. FreshMail is quite easy to use and the interface is also excellent. The A/B testing and the clear campaign wizard are two interesting features.

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