Callback widget services

Importance of callback widget services in business

Online businesses go for callback widget services so that their customers and website users can establish contact directly with the Customer Support. They can also schedule the calls for mutually convenient time. The fields and color theme for the callback can be customized easily from back-end.

Copy, paste, that’s it!

The widget provided by the callback widget service is a simple JavaScript code snippet that places a discreet callback button on the website. When the business website is provided with a callback button, the customers will find it easier to get in touch with the customer support. The callback widget can be easily integrated into any website. The callback request form can be customized according to the information to be collected from the clients. Today the Callback Button is an essential tool for business that wants to promote its products online.

Direct communication with consultant

The Callback widget facilitates direct conversation between the marketer and his potential client. They will also find a way to get connected again in future. Callback widget services enable the businessmen to save time and effort. It will take just a few minutes only to set up the callback widget. A bit of code is to be pasted into the template of the website and immediately the marketer can respond to the call from the customer. Besides saving the time for the customer as well as the marketer, the callback widget will increase conversion on the website, help to increase the sales and also will hold the visitors to the website.

Sending alerts to the marketer

In case the customer is in a hurry to get out of the website after visiting the site, they may not go through the lengthy content. When they miss the site guides and conditions they are likely to get lost somewhere on the site and finally they leave the website without placing an order or completing a purchase. In such cases, if the website is provided with a callback button, the Callback button will connect the visitor directly to Customer Support so that he will receive all help to navigate through the website.

Notifications and statistics

The instant notifications provided by the callback widget will save energy and time of the marketer. Whenever a visitor to the website makes a request for callbacks, the callback widget will send alerts to the marketer as well as his employees. When a customer contacts the company over the phone if he is made to wait for a long time or left unattended or made to talk to a wrong person he may end up the phone call abruptly and the company may even lose that customer. If the website is fitted with a callback widget, his call will be immediately transferred to the right person before he leaves the site.

An easy way to please customers

All callback widget services are automated and the website users are allowed to order the call from a manager. The callback widget will show up when a visitor clicks on the callback button and also when the customer interacts with the website for some time. The website owner can choose the design and location of the callback button and the widget appears as a organic part of the website. The callback widgets will boost up the number of calls to the website and when customers are called back quickly, they will get excited by the quick response. This is an easy way to please the customers.


Novocall is one of the best callback widget services and this callback widget ensures to callback potential customers who show interest in the products. This is a stable product with a lot of amazing features. The customer support team is highly efficient and they resolves the issues immediately. Novocall is capable of bringing sudden surprises in the sales performance of the website. After setting up Novocall the marketers get more number of customers daily to talk with them and the sales also increases automatically. It is very easy to set up Novocall on the website.


Those who use CallPage had given the feedback that it has made it easy for the guests to contact them over the phone and during the conversation they could convert most of the visitors as customers. The users of CallPage can also make promotions with the CallPage link and they will start receiving calls instantly. CallPage is very fast as well as efficient and will be up to the expectations of the webmasters.

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