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Growing online business with Social Media tools

Earning more profits is the main objective of business companies when promoting a brand. There are various types of strategies followed in the online marketing for boosting sales to a great extent. The social media platforms contribute more to build awareness in the markets which help to attain top positions. In fact, they provide the opportunities for reaching potential buyers at the earliest. It is necessary to make social media marketing a powerful one in order to grab the attention of customers.

There are several tools available for this purpose allowing businesses to make the campaigns a successful one with a variety of features. At the same time, they need a proper research for choosing the best tool based on the choices. Anyone who wants to get desired outcomes in social media campaigns should consider installing one of the following tools for meeting exact needs.


Midrub is the most effective tool used for social media campaigns which com with a variety of features. The tool is a perfect choice for those who want to build their business through social media which ultimately gives ways for ensuring optimal results. Some of the features offered by the tool include:
• Instagram insights and comments moderation
• Email planner
• Group accounts
• Multiple languages support
• Post planner
• Tacks likes, comments, and reaction of people in social media
• Amazon RSS creator
• Allows users to search users on Twitter
• Enables users to manage multiple accounts
• Lets users view the statistics of published posts

Apart from that, the tool covers exclusive features for admin to take control of all the activities without any difficulties.


Stackposts is another social marketing tool that allows businesses to streamline the campaigns with a variety of features and some of them include:
• Enables to organize posts and photos accordingly
• Influencer marketing
• Secure password hashing
• Email notifications
• Configures with PHP and SMTP mail
• Embedded code feature
• Customizable email templates
• SSL support


Hootsuite social media marketing tool is perfect choice for managing multiple accounts in one place. It makes feasible ways for connecting with the clients quickly and review responses with high success rates. Some of the features offered by the tool include social analytics reports, data sharing, and more customer engagement to witness optimal results.
The tool includes 4 pricing plans enabling users to choose services on a monthly basis. Apart from that, it gives ways for reaching the next levels in the markets,


Buffer is one of the popular marketing tools which come with several features and some of them include:
• Managing profiles
• Comparison statistics
• Connectivity to RSS feeds
• Business planning
• Android and IOS support
• Social analytics
• Multi-media format sharing

The tool offers 3 types of plans at affordable rates and customers can choose the best one depending on the needs. It is a wise one to know the difference between social marketing tools before investing money.

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